Getting to Know the Mechanics of Mechanical Watches

Battery-powered watches may be more accurate, but mechanical watches will always be far more valuable and prestigious, because they are made labor-intensive. Mechanical watches are clocks that use mechanical settings to measure time, compared to modern quartz watches that function electronically. The mechanical system of the watch, which is spring driven (called mainspring or per main) which must be routed periodically. Its strength is transmitted through a series of gears to move ...

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Watches For Work

Thinking of What Watch To Wear For Your Office? Don’t Make This Simple Mistake!

Speaking of appearance and style, offices with modern culture can be a minefield. Starting from how to dress for casual conversation, it requires you to carefully step to climb until the peak of your career. But what about the CEOs in the technology world, where they only wear hoodies and jeans and sneakers for meetings, and then there are executives who have to wear suits when they go to work? ...

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Complicated watch

The Most Complicated Watch Designs Ever Made

Watches are not just a timepiece. It is a hand accessory that a displays your esteem and enhance your profile, so you can get to the top of the hierarchy. For some people, a watch also seems to be a luxury art and jewelry. Various models with attractive designs seem to be the choice and target of collectors. There are even some watches that are complete with the hassle of design ...

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Perfect Watches

5 Timeless Perfect Watches For Men

Perfect watches are a dime in a dozen. Even though we have millions of dollars and have no trouble spending, it is not a reason to judge a watch as a mere status symbol. We praise and look above and beyond at our watch collection. It is something we are proud of. Each watch signifies perfectly how history was drawn through. Every effort along with technological advances shows pulsive movements ...

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How To Clean Your Wrist Watch Like a Boss

You change clothes everyday. You buy shoes or clothes once a month. However, there is one important item that you always use, but rarely be cleaned. Yes, it’s your watch! In this article, we will share how to clean your wrist watch. You will be surprised at how many common house items that you can use to clean your wrist watch. Don't be ashamed if you rarely clean your watch. You ...

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wrist watch for men

5 Ways To Find a Wrist Watch For Men

A wrist watch can be said to be a compulsory accessory for men. Not only to know the time but the men wrist watch also describes a bit about the personality and who we really are. It also describes your style, wisdom and sophistication. However, if you have never had a watch, it's time to buy one. In fact, the choice of having a wrist watch is not only dependent on ...

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Royal Watches From Rolex to Royal London

Few things in the world fascinate people as much as the royal family does. It’s not surprising since they do have the fanciest security in the world. Besides that, the fanciest clothes and privileges like no other person in the world has. For instance, the Queen doesn’t even need a passport to travel anywhere. What fascinates us about them, however, is the kinds of amazing royal watches we see them ...

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