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5 Timeless Perfect Watches For Men

Perfect watches are a dime in a dozen. Even though we have millions of dollars and have no trouble spending, it is not a reason to judge a watch as a mere status symbol.

We praise and look above and beyond at our watch collection. It is something we are proud of. Each watch signifies perfectly how history was drawn through. Every effort along with technological advances shows pulsive movements that affects the diversity of functions for each watch.

A perfect watch has a perfect value attach to it. Don’t waste away each dollar invested in it. Never set aside the dignity of a watch house because of its magnificent flattering status.

The Perfect Pilot Watches: CARTIER SANTOS DUMONT (1904)

According to the NYTIMES, the first watch was created by Patek Philippe for a Hungarian nobleman, Countess Koscowicz in 1868. But for decades he has only seen circling the wrists of women as’ montre ‘.

Watches are only gaining popularity by men after the First World War and it is certain that they existed before. Thus, there were several pioneers at the beginning of the 20th century.

During the First World War broke out, many soldiers and pilots wore watches so their movements were in line with the commander’s direction also aimed at navigation.

The First Perfect Water Resistant Watch: ROLEX OYSTER (1926)

One of the first “perfect” watertight and airtight watches by Rolex, truly marked an important milestone. Named ‘Oyster’, it displays a case of a tightly wrapped watch to optimally protect the heart of the watch.

Its reputation was reinforced as the first waterproof watch when Mercedes Gleitze, swims through the English Channel by wearing the Rolex Oyster on his ankle.

The Perfect Sport Watch: JAEGER-LECOULTRE REVERSO (1931)

This watch was produced with reversible case with slide-and-flip mechanism that is able to protect the dial, Reverso is one of the first piece designed for sports.

In normal position, time can be read even if it was reversed. It was designed to be used by polo players, so the glassface does not break during match time.

It is equipped with steel backing, which means it can take a few hits.

The Unconventional Perfect Watch: PANERAI LUMINOR (1950)

Luminor was originally born as a diving watch for Italian navy. As watch innovation progressed and watch faces increased in size, so does the demands for it. Women also seek this fashion shift in watches.

Some times ago, big watches means perfect watches for both genders. The Luminor measures around 45mm.

Although back then, the watch face for men are usually 37mm to 38mm in diameter. The introduction of big faces is quite noticeable, especially when seen wrapping a person’s wrist and women wearing it.

The First Perfect Watch In A Moon Landing: OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PROFESSIONAL (1957)

The perfect accuracy of this watch was notable and honored for rescuing the Apollo 13.

Maybe that was an overstatement.

The Omega Speedmaster has became the first watch to venture into the moon. Even though, Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster in the Lunar Module as a back-up due to the timer function was set astray.

Buzz Aldrin made sure he wore Omega Speedmaster when he stepped on the moon’s surface by tying the watch to his right wrist in view of a large space space suit.

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