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5 Ways To Find a Wrist Watch For Men

A wrist watch can be said to be a compulsory accessory for men. Not only to know the time but the men wrist watch also describes a bit about the personality and who we really are. It also describes your style, wisdom and sophistication. However, if you have never had a watch, it’s time to buy one.

In fact, the choice of having a wrist watch is not only dependent on taste, brand or price. But you also need to consider these 5 tips so that you can have a really comfortable time with your soul and personality. Here are some tips on how can you find the perfect watch for yourself.

Bracelet or Leather Strap For Your Wrist Watch

Some of the main issues of wrist watch for men, is whether you want to use leather strap or strap?

Which one suits you the best?  

To be honest, there is no wrong answer. Each wrist watch has it’s own special venue or special occasion for men. Usually, leather strap is worn for casual activity and is perfectly suited to casual wear, while wristwatches are suitable for any type of style especially for formal occasions.

However, if you want to follow our advice, go your own way and try it out. Bracelet or steel bracelet is suitable for those attending formal occasions with suit-keeping ethics. Minimalist watches are suitable for casual activities with smart casual wear

Does Your Wrist Watch Size Matters?

So does wrist watches size really matters for men?

For us, yes.

Yes, many would consider if the wrist watch is the size of a knuckle signify wealth and looks flashy. Remember, the overwhelming wrist watches highlights yourself in a bad way. Therefore, look for a medium face that ranges from 38 and 42 millimeters in diameter. For starters, choose a light minimalist wrist watch and try to adjust the wrists with the wrist watch.

Here’s a tip: If you’re a 6-footer, big-sized watches are great for you. However, if you are not tall enough or you are short, minimalist wrist watch is best suited. Do not use a massive wrist watch because it looks like you’re wearing your father’s watch.


There are various wrist watch made of a wide variety of materials for men such as plastic, resin, stainless steel, or gold-plated metal. You can choose different materials, depending on your personality or the characteristics of the watch. Follow the style you want to convey.

Remember, your wrist watch shows your personality!

Make Sure It Fits

One of the common mistakes when guys wearing a wrist watch is that, it is not fitted or clasped properly. Always make sure to shake your wrist and see if the watch wobbles. If it does, ask your watchman to remove more links until you reach the correct size and repair the strap of your watch. It’s that simple!

Wobbly watches makes you look less confident and uncomfortable. You don’t want that, especially when you have an expensive piece!

Less is More

For first timers or perhaps, you’re looking to buy a new wrist watch, men will often be ‘tempted’ by heavy details and chronographs.

That’s cool!

Not necessarily.

In fact, the wrist watches are used to show time and date. For us, that’s already sufficient. Unless if it’s fitness watches or you’re looking to track your routine.

Our advice, wait until you’re comfortable with wristwatch and then switch to a more complex watch with a variety of features.

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