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Avoid These When Wearing a Watch

You’ve finally bought your dream watch and know how to care for it. But, that is certainly not enough. There are several things that should be avoided when you wear a watch in the midst of daily activities.

Hard Impact

Sudden shock or impact on your watch can result in possible damage to the case, movement, glass crystal, dial and clockwork, and possible cancellation of your warranty. When this happens, the clock may no longer function as desired and will need repairs. We recommend that you use all-terrain watches when you do activities that are quite extreme.

Extreme Temperatures

Avoid changes in temperatures that are very drastic and very high temperatures, above 140°F, and below 30°F. These conditions can adversely affect the function of water resistance on the watch. Some brands do design special watch models that are intended to be at extreme temperatures.

Magnetic Fields

Mechanical watches are very easy to be influenced by any magnetic object. As a result, the watch would be less accurate. Avoid bringing your watch closer to magnetic objects such as speakers, computers, and smartphones.

Yes, you are right, this includes smartphones. They still have a magnetic component in them.

Anti-magnetic features such as Baume & Mercier Baumatic still have magnetic resistance limits. If bad things happen, you can take your watch to your nearest watch care service to demagnetize and do some movement checks.

Liquid chemicals

Avoid watches from liquid chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, solvents, and the likes of that can damage the case, gasket, leather strap and bracelet.

For those of you who like to wear a watch when swimming and diving, make sure the crown and screw-down crown conditions are always locked properly before plunging, so that the water does not seep into the clock.

Metal accessories

We understand that you might like using accessories other than watches such as jewelry bracelets. We recommend that you avoid using metal accessories together in one wrist.

Leather bracelets, fabric and knits still allow you to accompany your watch and complete your style.

Sometimes, you can’t see the damages that had been done, caused by the above influences . There is no obvious signs on the exterior of the case. You can only detect these at an official service and repair centers with trained experts. They can diagnose the cause and tell you the actions to be taken and how to rectify the problem.

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