Getting to Know the Mechanics of Mechanical Watches

Battery-powered watches may be more accurate, but mechanical watches will always be far more valuable and prestigious, because they are made labor-intensive.

Mechanical watches are clocks that use mechanical settings to measure time, compared to modern quartz watches that function electronically.

The mechanical system of the watch, which is spring driven (called mainspring or per main) which must be routed periodically. Its strength is transmitted through a series of gears to move the balance wheel, a weighted wheel that oscillates back and forth at a constant rate.

This device called an “escapement” which has the task of releasing the clock to move little by little, adjusting each swing of the balance wheel, and moving the watch hand forward at a constant rate.

Mechanical watches usually have a lower level of accuracy in comparison to modern electronic quartz watches, and they require periodic cleaning by skilled watchmakers.

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Although since the 1970s, quartz watches have taken over most of the global watch market, but the prestige of mechanical watches has survived and even developed as a high-end product.

Now, mechanical watches are purchased for aesthetic reasons, good appreciation of expertise, or as a status symbol.

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Mechanical watches are able to identify someone as a smart buyer, who cares about small details, and respects history and inheritance.

In fact, there are those who think that the owner of a mechanical watch is a figure who spends his wealth wisely and intelligently.

Mechanical watches, especially if they come from famous brands and are produced in limited quantities, will be a very valuable collection. If it is resold later, there is a possibility of experiencing a significant price increase. That makes the watch a valuable investment.

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Just like car fanatics, no matter how sophisticated the technology is offered, there are still the thrill of manual transmission. It has its own special place.

So does watches, mechanical systems are often used as a benchmark that someone understands the function of horology, and highly values ​​values ​​and aesthetics.

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