How To Clean Your Wrist Watch Like a Boss

You change clothes everyday. You buy shoes or clothes once a month. However, there is one important item that you always use, but rarely be cleaned. Yes, it’s your watch! In this article, we will share how to clean your wrist watch. You will be surprised at how many common house items that you can use to clean your wrist watch.

Don’t be ashamed if you rarely clean your watch. You would’ve thought either of these;

Wiping the surface of your wrist watch with a tissue, or

glaze it on your shirt is just enough.

That’s why your wrists often felt itchy and produces a bad smell every time you sweat!

So guys, out there, don’t feel too bad! We will show you how to clean your wrist watch so that you don’t have to go through that.

Clean Your Wrist Watch Face Daily

Similar to cleaning your body, your wrist watch also require similar treatment.

Picture this.

You wore your wrist watch almost every day. Dirt, sweat and dust will stain your watch.

According to Julia Stewart from Victorinox Swiss Army brand states, a man should spend a few minutes cleaning his wrist watch, preferably before going to bed. But how?

Obviously, “By using a soft clean cloth or a toothbrush, clean the bracelet and back of the watch’s head. This is to eliminate moisture and sweat when the watch is worn. It’s best to do the cleaning process regularly, not to wait until it’s dirty and smelly. Remember, even if you are not working in a workshop or kitchen, the watch can also be dirty deck due to sweat and surroundings.”

When In Doubt, Use A Soap

We understand, sometimes you have no idea how to clean the accessories that you often use. For example, a silver-based materials cleaner may not be suitable for gold.

You will be surprised what’s the best solution to wash your wrist watch. Are you ready?


A Dish Washing Soap.

Yes. Dish washing soap is among the best solution to clean watches. We know soap is made to clean oil and grime. Besides the absence of alcohol, it is best suited for metal surfaces or cystic strings such as fluoroelastomers.

How to clean your wrist watch using a common dish washing soap you ask? Here you go:

  1. Prepare a bowl of warm water and place a little your dish washing soap water (preferably antibacterial soap)
  2. Dip your wrist watch strap into the soap water for 15-20 seconds. Hold the watch head to protect it from being exposed to water.
  3. Remove and gently rub slowly with a soft cloth. Don’t forget to clean in between the watch.
  4. Rinse in clean, warm water
  5. Finally, dry your wrist watch with a soft cloth. You can also use the low temperature settings of a hair dryer to dry your watch. Remember! Make sure your watch is completely dry before use.

Body Lotion. Yes.

The above process can be applied to almost all types of strap. Metal links, plastic strap or even fabric.

But please, not on leather.

Leather strap watch requires special treatment. This is because leather absorbs moisture. If it is dried again, it will cause the element inside the leather to break and tear apart. The key here is to keep leather clean and maintain their moisture.

Our recommendation is to use the body lotion or fireplace oil for the purpose of preserving it.

Send It to the Experts

In addition to manual cleaning, watches also need special fireplaces such as internal tune-ups and scratches and scratches. Yes, you can not do it yourself. Your watch requires expert attention as well as cleaning using ultrasonic technology at watch stores.

A simple google searches returns a few wrist watch servicing companies. Chronext offers a few services such as Repair, Revision, Polishing, PVD/DLC-Coating and Wristband Replacement.

Another company that offers these ultrasonic cleaning is TimeAfterTimeWatches. Try out these companies and ask around locally whether you have someone who can clean or service your watch for you.

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