How To Take Care of your Rubber Strap Watches

In 2018, the trend of using watches as necessary accessories was growing, and even this trend had mushroomed since decades ago.

Although this trend has been going on for decades, this has never dampened the enthusiasm of watch manufacturers to continue to develop their watches from the design, features, to the aesthetics of each of their works.

And now the design of watches that are snowballing is a sport watch with a strap made from rubber. Lots of sports watch users are confused about how to clean their rubber straps. The following are some tips on cleaning and caring for rubber watches:

Clean with special liquid for cleaning rubber material. How?

  • Mix a little warm water with a rubber cleaning liquid, then dip a microfiber cloth or brush that has a soft tip into a solution of water and cleaning fluid.
  • Rub it on the surface of your watch strap, to clean the dirt that sticks to your watch strap.
  • Then, rinse with warm water and dry it with a dry cloth to remove the former soap.

Clean the watch with your rubber strap to keep the color bright and not cause spots on the belt.

If you are an easily sweaty person, it’s a good idea to coat your skin with a tissue. The tissue will absorb the body’s natural sweat and oil so it won’t be directly strap on your watch to prevent the rubber watch from turning yellow.

Use your watch according to the activities being carried out. For example, use sports watches to exercise, and casual style watches to come to casual or everyday events.

The last thing is, keep your watch in the watch box to make sure it’s safe and keep it clean.

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