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How to Take Care of Your Watch Like A Champ

Congratulations on purchasing your watch. Now you are the owner of something more than a timekeeper. A tiny disc on your wrist now is a work of art and science, respect for human intelligence.

Whether you wear it only for special occasions or accompany you in every important moment of your life, whether you have been saving for a long time to get it, your watch will accompany you well, without problems for years.

But from all of the above there are conditions that you must pay attention to and do to care for your watch, so that it continues to function optimally and can be passed on to your child in the future.

Before you put the watch on your wrist, here are some things you should pay attention to.

Cleaning The Watch Case

Always ensure the cleanliness of the outside of your watch will minimize the possibility of dirt entering the clock. Wipe your watch regularly to remove dust, dirt, and remove moisture from sweat. If your watch is not water resistant, clean it with a soft dry cloth. While the water resistant clock you can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Cleaning The Watch Strap

It’s not just the watch case that you have to clean. Watch straps in some materials such as leather, stainless steel and rubber also come in direct contact with your sweaty skin.

For the rubber strap that is classified as the easiest to clean, just use a soft, damp cloth or if you need a soft brush to remove the remaining sweat sticks.

Your watch strap bracelet made from stainless steel is recommended to be cleaned with a small soft brush so that dirt and sweat remnants are sticking mainly between the cords.

Leather watch straps require special care. You can use a dry soft cloth to clean the outer and inner straps regularly. Use skin cleaning products from watch manufacturers if needed, and follow the guidelines. Avoid cleaning the leather strap with water.

Canvas strap, cloth or NATO strap are easy to clean. You can unhinge and then wash them with warm water and soap and let it dry for some time. Avoid drying with a hair dryer and direct sunlight.

Get to Know The Levels Of Your Water Resistance Clock

Not all watches have the same levels. If your watch has a water resistant feature, surely it has different levels of resistance.

In general, avoid hours of contact with chemical-based liquids such as perfumes, colognes, oils and similar cosmetics.

The liquid can damage the watch case and strap. Make sure the perfume dries on the wrist before you use the watch.

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Saving Your Watch Correctly

Maybe you have more than one watch that is used alternately according to the occasion. Keeping your watch in a dry and non-humid place will extend the life of your watch. We recommend storing your watch in a watch box so that the watch is kept from dust and dirt, or if you really need a watch winder for your automatic watch.

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Replace the battery and clock service regularly

The average battery life of a quartz watch is three to four years.

Battery life depends on several factors: of course, the age of use, condition and type of clock (analog / chronograph or digital). The more functions the clock has, the more often the battery must be replaced.

When the watch has slowed down or stopped working, immediately replace the battery to avoid cascading effect that further damages the clock mechanism.

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If your watch is a mechanical watch, do an examination and treatment every two or three years. Factors such as how often the hours are used and how to store them when not in use are very influential with the frequency of service.

Now you know the general care for caring for your watch. In addition, there are some things that you should avoid everyday so that your watch will still function optimally and last longer.

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