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Iced Out Watches – Just a Hip Hop Trend ? That’s a NO

As a part of the Hip Hop culture,you need to find a unique style that suits your personality. Fancy getting yourself and iced out watch?.

For the most part, this means buying the fastest cars and only wearing the most expensive of clothes. Despite what Kendrick wants you to believe, Hip Hop is anything but humble.

From Biggie’s resentment of water, apparently only drinking champagne when he was thirty to golden grillz instead of getting their teeth whitened (looking at you, Gucci Mane), Hip Hop is all about showing off. What better way to do it than shell out unimaginable amounts of cash on fully iced watches?

At its heart Hip Hop is all about energy and creativity – whether you choose to express that through deep verses, imaginative videos or iced out jewelry – iced out chains and the like – is really up to the individual rapper. All we know is that in the modern era of music, the watch makes the man (or woman!), and there’s really no substitute. Here are some of our favorite iced out jewelry that’s taken over Hollywood in recent years and a few more you can grab for yourself.

Most iconic Hip Hop Watches of the Decade

Nicki Minaj’s Audemars Piguet

Nicky quickly rose to the top of her career with bangers like Senile, where Lil Wayne and Tyga were featured, and her famous line ‘I got an Audemars, and I ain’t set the time once’ told us all we needed to know. Few people know how to flaunt their wealth like Nicki does, and when you’re worth nearly a hundred million, you’ve got all the right to.

Flaunt it

Despite Nicki’s brand of watch going to about $13k, ultra-premium models of the watch can go as far as hitting the $500k mark. It’s still obscenely expensive, and far more than most of us can ever afford, anyway.

Kanye’s Rolex

Okay, it’s Kanye – the millionaire superstar who can’t stay off the news for more than a week for causing one controversy after the other. All that aside, he’s been spotted time and again wearing some really expensive watches. One of the most iconic would have to be when he performed together with Syleena Johnson on ‘All Falls Down’. Ye seems to be a great fan of flashy watches, spotting iced out watches Rolex being his apparent favorite brand.

The Submariner 16613 he was wearing in that particular video goes for $4500 or more and the famous Rolex Oyster Perpetual he spotted in the ‘Otis’ video starts out at $8k/

DJ Khaled’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

Famously known as one of the noisiest DJs in the world, we fully expect him to go in, guns blazing with ‘we the best’ before every music video he ever produces. Like Kanye says, it’s best not to question people’s genius, so we’ll leave it at that.

DJ Khaled Blinging out his Nautilus (Credit: GQ)

Noise aside, Khaled is one of those people you’ll never spot without iced out watches real comfortable around his wrist or a couple of or iced out chains dangling over his neck. In particular, we know hip hop’s least humble man for walking around with $300k worth of solid gold and diamond around his wrist, going by the brand of Swiss brand Patek Philippe Nautilus. It’s one of the world’s rarest watches, which should explain the price. And as if it wasn’t enough for the man, he later got a stainless steel version at $68k. And that’s all before insurance.

Pharrell’s Richard Mille

The ‘happy man’ may not currently be the heavyweight we’ve known him to be for the better part of his career, but boy does the man know his watches. His choice of Richard Mille and tourbillons is a reflection of this. Granted, the man has style, it would be completely out of place not to choose one of the best engineered watches in modern history to be his own.

It’s a relatively young brand, having been started in 1999, but these premium watches can go for as much as $1m on the market. Pharrell’s is estimated to have cost about $200k. Less complicated models go for as little as $2k, though.

Drake’s Rolex collection

Finally we have a guy who has so many expensive watches, it may only be a matter of time before the IRS starts suspecting him of money laundering. Honestly, his collection of watches is so large, we don’t even know where to begin.

Anyway, one of the first times he was spotted sporting one of these watches was on the cover of GQ magazine, an amazing rose gold beast whose price starts at $15k. Next up, he was showing off a $750k watch on Instagram, a vintage Rolex OysterQuartz which starts at $10k and another $18k watch while at Wimbledon. Honestly, having a complete rundown of all of Drake’s watches and gold pendants needs a whole article of its own.

Iced Out Watches Amazon

With that said, not many of us are willing to dish out a cool $5k+ worth of hard cash to get a Rolex Yacht-Master II, no matter how hard we ball, and free iced out watches won’t just fall out of the sky and into our laps. The cool thing, though? You don’t have to.

Black iced out watches mens favorite, diamond rings and other real hip hop jewelry is pretty easy to come across at a relatively affordable price if you know where to look. Be careful though, because an original Oyster Bracelet isn’t going to be $30, no matter how hard you look. A 14K Gold Baron Watch from King Ice or iced out watches ebay, as long as they are verified, of course is a lot more believable. With that said, here are our five favorite hip hop chains and other hip hop jewelry that can be found at a relatively affordable price off Amazon or Ebay. Don’t expect anything too flashy though, we all wish we could afford something like Drake’s Rolex Daytona, but it is what it is.

Luxury Full Diamond Lady Watch Rhinestone Stainless Steel Band Bracelet Wristwatch

First up on the list is little-known brand Huntmic with a sliver iced chain studded with rhinestone. It looks fully legitimate, just without the enormous price tag to weigh your pockets into the ground. The band is made from high quality stainless steel and has a Japanese Quartz movement. This is the same kind of movement usually employed by brands like Seiko, who introduced this movement to the world in the 60s.

We’ve found it performs pretty well on a day-to-day basis, though the design does make it more suitable for women than men – it’s rather slender as compared to male watches of similar quality. Overall, the ice is on point, so it’s one worth looking into.

Techno Pave Totally Iced Out Pave Silver Tone Hip Hop Men’s Bling Bing Watch

Techno Pave is a pretty unique brand because they literally live in the lines nobody else dares to venture into – they make super expensive watches and also very affordable ones. They’ve been around for a while, with the likes of Drake and Biggie having been spotted with some of their watches from time to time.

This brand of watch was picked because of its affordability for a build that you know comes from a brand that knows their stuff. The watch blings a lot, which contributes to its aesthetic, and despite the fact we all know those can’t be real diamonds, they look very real. It’s one of those things that you don’t have to think twice about buying because there’s definitely nothing to regret.

BINLUN 18ct Gold Watch Plated Watch for Men Waterproof Luxury Dress Automatic Mechanical Watches for Men with Calendar Date White Dial Yellow Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet

Onto the relatively more expensive of the bunch, we have renown brand Binlun, best known for their hip hop gold chains, with an 18ct gold watch, featuring Seiko’s Japanese Quartz movement. It lies well within the $100-200 range and spots incredibly lovely features for that price.

The body is gold plated and the face adorned with synthetic sapphire that makes it scratch resistant. Overall, it looks pretty nice and perhaps would be something better worn to a formal dinner than an afternoon banging your heads to some Dr. Dre or Travis, but it’s genuine gold. You’ll have a lot more to say to them than they will to you.

Thomas Earnshaw Longitude Men’s Automatic Watch (ES-8006)

Finally, we wrap it all up with some Thomas Earnshaw. Again, this lies on the pricier side of things, costing about $200-300 on average, but is almost the most beautiful thing you are going to see today, if you don’t bring any of Drake’s bling into this, of course.

This self-winding automatic movement watch is again pretty lovely because of the kind of beautiful order the face has, together with the quality build that only designers like Thomas Earnshaw could possibly manage. Again, it’s no iced out bracelet from Cuba or the like, but damn does it stand out.

How To Spot A Fake Iced Out Watch

Getting a gold iced watch for fifty bucks is one thing, but nothing hurts quite like shelling out that kind of money only to find out the brand you were going to show off with to all your pals was fake. The problem with getting a Rolex for thirty bucks is that not only is it definitely fake, it’s going to be even worse quality than a budget brand you could get from for like $40.

There are quite a few ways to be able to pick out rotten eggs from the bunch. Here are our three favorite ones to save your hide.

Pricing point

It’s often said that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. There is no way in hell you will run across brand new gold-plated pendant or an expensive leather band watch being sold for a throwaway price of just fifty bucks. Original watches are expensive because they take a lot of time and effort in engineering just to come up with a single cog. Of course, other brands are just luxury brands (not to say they aren’t high quality), but you get the idea. Don’t be in a rush to grab that one watch just because it’s cheap.


This might come as a surprise to some, but engraving is one of the most intricate things mankind has ever been able to come up with. Well, quality engraving anyway. It’s one the things that defines whether a product is great quality because there’s no way in hell your average faker will be able to get their hands on a laser engraving tool. The kind of expertise and money required to run something like that is just not worth the time.

Those rings and bracelets that don’t come with any engraving or look like it was done by a ten-year-old for their school project is a glaring nope from anyone who knows their watches.

Spelling errors

This one is by far the easiest to spot and the most common. Instead of Gucci, you’ll get a ‘Guccy’, instead of Michael Kors, they’ll sell you a ‘Micheal Kors’ or worse ‘Micheal Kor.’ No matter how blinged up the watch is, if it’s got any kind of spelling error, just drop it and run like you’re being chased by a vengeful tiger. A bit exaggerated, but the crap you’ll get from people because of it will literally be endless. Instead of blowing that $40 on a fake ‘Versashe’, just go out and get one of Lil Wayne’s G-Shocks. Kill two birds with one stone, why don’t you?

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