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Few things in the world fascinate people as much as the royal family does. It’s not surprising since they do have the fanciest security in the world. Besides that, the fanciest clothes and privileges like no other person in the world has. For instance, the Queen doesn’t even need a passport to travel anywhere. What fascinates us about them, however, is the kinds of amazing royal watches we see them wearing.

An Omega here and a Rolex there tells you they have both good taste in watches. Not surprisingly, the absurd amounts of money needed to afford these monstrosities. Here are some of the most notable watches that have been spotted on the wrists of the British royal family. A quick peek at some royal watches images should leave the seasoned watch lover with his jaw on the ground. The kind of quality here, as you’d expect, is nothing if not remarkable.

Cartier Tank Française – Meghan Markle

The Tank Française is one of the newest watches in the long line of the Cartier Tank legacy. Also known for its curved base together with the center-aligned watch face. Since the introduction of the Tank in 1918, few watches have gained the same kind of notoriety as the Française has.

It has become one of the most coveted and replicated designs in the history of wristwatches. Naturally, it’s been adorned by British monarchs throughout the ages. These include Princess Diana and the Queen herself. History has repeated itself once again, with the Duchess of Sussex. She occasionally being seen with an $8000 version around her wrist.

Rolex Explorer II – Prince Harry

Next up  on the list of royal watches rolex. Prince Harry doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of watches, as he’s spotted quite often without one. Unlike his brother, Charles, which always brandishing them. When he does wear one, he uses the 2011 version of the Rolex Explorer II. It was released by the company for the model’s 40th anniversary. This featured an extensive technical makeover, with a larger watch face and larger hands for better visibility. It starts at $9000.

The Rolex Explorer II was first introduced to the world in 1971. It’s an overhaul of its excellently-built predecessor, the Rolex Explorer. It was developed to be rough, tough and robust. As the name suggests, the Rolex Explorer are for explorers in the deep parts of the arctic or jungles. It features a 3187 movement – a self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured in-house by Rolex themselves. The sheer number of features this watch is filled with, including shock absorbers and time zones make this watch simply majestic.

Omega Seamaster Professional – Prince William

Prince Harry’s older brother is often spotted wearing the Omega Seamaster Professional. Referred to by pundits as one of the most iconic timepieces of all time. It turned 70 in 2018, together with the Speedmaster, its distant cousin. What makes it so iconic? Perhaps the fact that it’s been worn by nearly Every James Bond from GoldenEye to Spectre. This further makes it deathless – forever sealed in time inside the beauty of cinema.

It’s also one of Omega’s most popular timepieces. Somehow managing to strike a balance between being a luxury brand and good enough for the common folk. Back when William married Kate Middleton in 2011, he was seen wearing the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M. It’s a watch thought to have been gifted to him by his late mother, Princess Diana. This may be one of the reasons he’s so loyal to this single, spectacular watch. It has a special place in his heart.

Cartier Ballon Bleu – Kate Middleton

The Cartier Ballon Bleu is considered one of the most elegant automatic watches ever contrived. It is made from a perfectly round metal case enclosing a blue sapphire cabochon winding system. This also includes a silver dial with lovely steel hands. Depending on the model, it starts from as little as $5000 to mid-range $10,000 models to the most expensive 18 karat pink gold watch that retails at $30,000.

Kate Middleton doesn’t always wear a wristwatch. The one that she makes an appearance most often is actually quite modest, as she wears the lowest-range model. It’s made from stainless steel and isn’t very large – a 33 mm watch face diameter with a blue cabochon crown. The blue sapphire in her engagement ring is a nice match to the cabochon.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse – Queen Elizabeth II

What list about the royal crown would be complete without the Queen herself? Just as you’d expect, Queen Elizabeth II owns one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world. All together, her jewelry collection is also estimated to be one of the most lavish in modern times. When it comes to royal watches, her years of experience or perhaps excellent advisers plays a crucial role in her exquisite taste.

She has worn a lot of impressive timepieces over the years. The most impressive watch we’ve seen her with is a white gold and diamond Patek Philippe. This has a starting market value of $200,000. Rightly so – it’s one of the rarest watches on the market. It is the same brand worn by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Affordable royal watches

With all that said, most people don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars just lying around. If they do, they wouldn’t use with no afterthought whatsoever. The great thing about royal watches is that you don’t necessarily have to. However, don’t expect the same kind of engineering effort like is put into building a limited edition Tag Heuer Carrera. Of course, but these luxury royal watches cut it close enough to pass off for the real thing.

Royal London may not be the most well-known brand of watch out there. They have been around long enough to make a bit of a ripple of a reputation for themselves. Here are some of our favorite watches that they have had go through the production line and make it out of the other end with almost flawless perfection. If still in doubt, a royal london watches review or two should change your mind.

Ladies Royal London Watch 21199-01

There is the first step in joining the royal watches club. You need to get a watch that has had a good amount of engineering work put into it. Please avoid shameless Chinese rip-offs. The Royal London 21199-01 is such a watch.

It has a stainless steel case and a mother of pearl dial. It gives the watch a look that makes it stand out of the crowd. Among other features, the date function and 30-meter water resistance makes it wearable to a nice hangout by the beach. However, it is strongly not for a deep dive in the ocean.

The simplicity is what makes this watch as desirable as it is. It may look a bit plain, but that kind of look is really hard to achieve. Less is more.

Mens Royal London Classic Watch 41371-08

The Royal London Classic 41371-08 is reminiscent of the Tissot T-Classic (T006.407.36.118.00) released in 2017. If we could pick a single watch we wish every single guy should have on their hand, of all the watches tissot for men would either take the crown or be at the very top. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise we then have nothing but amazing thing to say about this model.

It’s a handsome watch made of two-tone steel and plated with gold around the watch face. It also features a beautiful white dial that compliments the gold perfectly. Gold is a difficult color to pull off at the best of times. Somehow, Royal London definitely outdid themselves when it came to this model.

Just like its cousins, it comes with water resistance of up to 50 meters, which is pretty respectable. Considering the average pool is about seven feet deep on the deep end. If you’re going water skiing or for a dive in the pacific, you might want to leave it at home, though.

Mens Royal London Watch 41322-01

The Royal London 41322-01 is another handsome model. Coming from the company that manages to catch the eye with a single glance. Despite being made simply of stainless steel, it glimmers enough to be able to stand out from a crowd of Omega and IWC watches. A typical casio waterproof watch that comes at the same price would be absolutely no match for the massive effort that seems to have been put into this one.

It comes with a functional date display and a black dial that goes really well with the its white face and surrounding silver body. For the concerned, yes, it does come with a respectable amount of water resistance. It can survive a depth of 200 meters when fully immersed. For a bit of context, it can be used in professional sports like swimming or skin diving, but draws the line at deep diving.

Mens Royal London Mechanical Watch 41145-02

On the slightly higher-end of things, the Royal London 41145-02 is a both functional and attractive watch made from PVD gold. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a form of coating process that makes use of a vacuum and results in a high-quality decorative finish. It makes use of titanium nitride, making it extremely durable and resistant to corrosion – either from sweat or regular wear as compared to gold plating.

Aside from which, it also features a silver dial that they surprisingly managed to make look brilliant. Most times silver and gold are mixed, the end result isn’t very admirable. It does fall short on the water resistance bit – it can survive up to 50 meters – but remains one of the highest quality watches Royal London has ever produced.

It does lack the simplicity of the newer models, akin to the akribos skeleton watch which most regular watch buyers may find a bit quirky, but that takes nothing away from the quality.

Mens Royal London Watch 41364-02

This handsome watch from Royal London is another impressive feat of engineering, made primarily from stainless steel and a leather strap. It represents a bit of a shift from their normal simple look, not unlike cartier pasha chrono with their silver $2,000 model that caused quite a stir in the watch community when it was released. Unlike the cartier pasha ladies watch, though, this one actually has the right to stand in front of people and announce it’s price.

It comes with a black watch face and white hour and minute hands together with a red hour second hand. Together, this watch looks fit to rival Tag Heuer with their classic Formula One version of their latest watch. All without the ridiculous price tag, of course.

Mens Royal London Watch 41322-07

If you think this watch looks a bit familiar, you might be thinking about the Hublot Big Bang, an absolute beast of a watch. Despite the incredible markup, it currently stands as perhaps the most popular luxury watch model in the world. Hublot has always been known to be a brand that thrives off limited access, and anyone that owns a watch like this was thought to be nothing short of a heavyweight. Of all the royal watches hublot stands out as a leader in craftsmanship.

The Royal London 41322-07 attempts to follow those footsteps. It does fall short on the engineering end, as it’s heavier by comparison and doesn’t feature the same fancy in-house movement as the Big Bang. However, this stainless steel watch is very functional, and the blue dial is something to be admired.

It does take a crown for water resistance – it can survive up to a depth of 200 meters, as compared to most of its cousins that go only as far as 50. You can go for a swim in the ocean with it or even shallow diving. It won’t survive a deep sea dive or mixed gas dive, though.

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