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Thinking of What Watch To Wear For Your Office? Don’t Make This Simple Mistake!

Speaking of appearance and style, offices with modern culture can be a minefield. Starting from how to dress for casual conversation, it requires you to carefully step to climb until the peak of your career.

But what about the CEOs in the technology world, where they only wear hoodies and jeans and sneakers for meetings, and then there are executives who have to wear suits when they go to work?

Is it true that by choosing the right watch can help your appearance? It does!

How to choose the right watch will improve one’s appearance. In addition to bags or shoes, choosing the right watch can provide a significant difference in the outfit you wear. Professional impressions seem to be elevated by the presence of these small accessories, but how to choose the right watch can also make you more confident and improve your status.

Choosing the best style for work is not something to think about – in fact, you need discipline in choosing the right watch for the office so that it doesn’t look excessive and avoid looking unprofessional!

Here’s how to choose a watch to make it look professional, and keep your job.

How To Choose A Watch

Know the Dress Code

The key to matching dress with a watch is located on the dress code you chose that you have to wear to the office. Is suit the only clothes you can wear? Or do you have other free space? After all, it will look weird if you wear a suit with a tie and then you wear a sporty watch with a strap made of rubber.

If you wear very formal work clothes, you should choose a strap made of leather and steel. Avoid wearing a nato strap or strap made of rubber. You should also choose a classic model to make it look more professional.

Corporate Office

Suits and ties are no longer negotiable? Then, you have to make sure your wrist is the same. You will look more serious if you were wearing a classic watch with steel bracelet or leather like strap in black, brown, or deep burgundy.

Avoid wearing a watch that shows a ‘statement’.

Making an impression is important, but the meeting room is not a place for peacocks to show off their beautiful feathers, just put on a classic piece that looks effortless.

The Business-Casual Office

If your office is a bit tolerant of a casual business style, you can choose a more progressive design and watch color palette.

You obviously have a lot of flexibility and can do exploration in a casual business atmosphere because you can mix and match shirts with sweaters, cardigans. Wear sneakers, or whatever you wear for your shirt but avoid wearing denim.

You can still choose a watch with a nato strap model made of canvas or leather. You can also choose a rubber strap with dial in any color, including dark blue, green or a red watch case.

You should avoid it being orange and yellow, because you will look immature. Except for yellow and orange, there are only strap with a color scale that is not dominant.

The Casual Office

For startup offices, such as the creative and retail industries, or even the media, they are an abundance of casual clothes that you can wear to the office.

Actually, casual clothing can also be a double edge sword. If you look too relaxed, then you don’t look authoritative, otherwise if you are too formal you will look different from the office crowd.

It is better to separate casual clothes to the office with casual clothes for casual activities, because the vibe created will be different.

For casual watches, you can choose any color and model without restrictions. As long as the color of your watch must match the clothes you are using.

We recommend that not to wear too many colors, just create a monochromatic style with one color gradation. For example, if your shirt is olive and your chinos are khaki, you can choose an army model watch or a brown one.

Office Rules

It’s time to start thinking about details.

Know Your Place

Sometimes in a political office environment, a watch can be a signal to get or reach a certain level.

Regardless of where you work, what you show on your wrist seems to give you a clue as to whether you are influential or not. So, really consider the choice of your watch.

A large dial can also be your choice because the dial seems to convey your authority in the office implicitly.

People will pay attention to the watch(only because of its size). If they know a lot about the watch, they will unconsciously buy the same watch with some level of wealth or luxury implied.

Therefore, wearing the right watch is a good step to build your image in the office.

Change Your Watch Strap

Whatever watch is, make sure to have good some strap collections. This can easily change the look and feel of the watch.

This can also change the function of the watch for various occasions, for example from workdays to weekends.

Not only shoes and belts are coordinated, but your watch also needs attention.

Attention to Details

In addition, pay attention to every watch’s details. Watches with mechanical designs that is visible will look so luxurious.

You can consider using it during a business trip or during a certain meeting to accompany a perfect handshake.

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